why we homeschool

it has always been our intention to home school our children. before the
mister and i were even married we discussed homeschooling our children.
we were set on it, we were gonna do it, there was no questions in our
minds... until we actually had children. this little being came into our
life and everything we thought we already knew wasn't quite what we
thought. we started to question ourselves. is this the right thing for her?
how will this affect her when she's older? is she going to feel different?
sheltered? what about friends? and on and on and on. it was mainly me
(the over-thinker). i started to second guess our decision mainly because
i felt alone. none of our kid friends were taking this route. i had no
connection to homeschooling besides the fact that i had actually been
homeschooling the little miss from the beginning of her life.
(we all are home schoolers whether we like it or not, right?)
so, i spent the last year researching and preparing for this coming school
year. we have found a method that we think will be compatible to our
lifestyle and beneficial to the little miss. we also hooked up with a great
group that i feel privileged to be a part of. we officially started "kindergarten"
this last tuesday and here's how it went...

learning in nature

our nature friends found this bunny tail at the beginning of our hike

crossing over the creek

running through the labyrinth

we found this half eaten craw fish.
the little miss needed to take this one home.

time for art - she drew the waterfall that we saw on our hike
i didn't get a photo of it, but that's okay because i like her drawing better

looking for a stick to use as a fishing pole

fishing in the creek

i like this.
i like nature.
i love homeschooling.
there's no doubts.

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