good things . one

i was excited for summer to begin. i had a lot of plans and places to go and
then as you all know the mister got sick. then the little fella got sick.
it seems like for the last three weeks someone has been sick and i have been
sooooo tired of it. i feel like lately i have just been focusing on the "not so good"
things that have been happening and not the "good" things. so for the next week i am
going to share with you some of the good things that are happening in my life.
to start my good things week i want to share with you the yummy things i brought
home from visiting a friend yesterday. not only did i get to sit and chat with
my friend brianne for a bit, but she also sent me home with a bag full of goodies.
check it out, i scored..

fresh grown veggies from brianne's amazing garden.
brianne and her mister ripped up their entire
front lawn to plant an awesome garden
(i am thinking about doing a post about it - hmmm.......)

okay, and not only did i get a bag full of veggies,
but brianne just so happened to be making cinnamon
rolls when i stopped by and she sent me home with
these not so little goodies.

all i had to do was make the frosting for them.
yes, they were as yummy as the look.
so thanks, to my friend brianne for starting off my week of
good things.