good things . five

okay, so i don't know about you, but for me the trip to hawaii
is just not happening this year. i know sad and a very "not so"
good thing. well turn that frown upside down because hawaii is
coming to me this year.
i just heard about this shop called....

it's a shaved ice shop! and it is sooooooo good!
they have tons of yummy flavors and they're just up the
street, around the corner, and so close to my home.
if you live in orange county or close to it you should definitely
check it out. you will not be dissapointed just ask the little miss...

she'll tell you it's a good thing!


  1. That looks yummy good! What is that ice cream on top or whip? Did she eat it all?

  2. I just went for the first time last night! They have one in south OC too - super yummy!!!

  3. Do they really taste like Hawaiin shaved ice? I can't wait to check it out! Maybe we could meet you there sometime.
    Love form,