sew fun wednesdays

this is a new blog series i will be doing for the next few weeks.
i am taking a sewing class on wednesday nights. i already know
how to sew, but i take the class just so i can have three hours
of uninterupeted me time. my first project was a sunshade
for the car. i know i could have easily just gone to target
or babies "r" us and bought a generic one, but i don't like to
be generic. so here's my cutesy sunshade and how i did it...

what you need: fabric of your choice, measuring tape,
heat-n-bond vinyl, 4 suction cup hooks,rotary cutterand mat,
sewing machine, and thread.

first: measure window you will be using the sunshade on
and cut two pieces of fabric according to the measurements.

next: measure and cut two pieces of heat-n-bond vinyl the same size as the fabric

then: iron on the heat-n-bond vinyl to each piece of fabric.
(follow package directions)

next: put pieces right sides together and sew around the
outer edge approx 1/2". leave a 5" opening so you can turn the shade
right side out. once you have turned the shade right side out stitch
1/4" around entire shade. this will close up the space that was
left open for turning and give a nice finished look.

finally: apply grommets to each corner

thanks to the mister for helping me with the grommets

viola! a very cute and non-generic sunshade now fashions your car window. enjoy!

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