don't toss it...fix it!

my little fella received a series of books by karen katz
before he was even born. they are the cutest books.
they have great colors, nice large black print,
and an opportunity for the child to interact with the
story by lifting flaps to uncover the cute baby illustration
that is under it. This my friends is why i am doing this post.
my little fella, even though he completely loves these books has
completely destroyed them. he has ripped off all the flaps and isn't able
to enjoy the books as much as he use to.
so here is my quick fix to this little problem...

what you need: clear contact paper, scissors, hot glue gun
and 2-3 glue sticks, velcro and the book of course

then cover the ripped off flap part of the book
with contact paper. i tried to skip this part, but the contact paper
really does help. it makes the page sturdier and harder to rip off again.
cut a strip of velcro the length of where the flap
will be attached. glue one side of the velcro to the book and the
other side to the flap. now your ready to reattach.

viola! your book is repaired and ready for some more fun.
the cool thing is even though my little fella stills rips the flap
off i can reattach it over and over again. now if i can just figure
out how to keep him from closing the doors on the t.v. cabinet....

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