the mister makes a sandbox

trying to figure out space for your kiddos to play can be
challenging when you live in a small apartment with a very
little yard. so when i told the mister i wanted a sandbox for our
little ones he thought i was crazy. "where are we gonna put it?"
was his first question. well, of course i have an answer for everything.
so, his next question was "how big do you want it?" i showed him the
area i want to put it, which is under the stairs in our front yard.
so, he took some measurements, drew up some plans and off to
home depot he went. this is what he came up with...

the mister getting all fancy adding a nice edge to the top

he put a coat of varnish on it and added 14 bags of sand
(yes, 14 bags which = 700 lbs of sand)

which i am hoping will amount to tons of fun!
more sandbox pics coming soon...

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