mouse pad makeover

the other day i decided to clean our home
office. it was time and it very much needed it.
when i finished tackling the stack of papers piled high
on the desk, i found our mouse pad. our poor, sad,
dirty mouse pad. it needed a makeover bad
and what better time than now. so i took a little break
from cleaning the office and squeezed in this project...

what you need: an old mouse pad, scissors, cute material,
heat-n-bond adhesive, heat-n-bond vinyl, and an iron

first: cut a piece of heat-n-bond adhesive a little larger than
your mouse pad and iron on to your for fabric.
(follow the directions on the heat-n-bond package)

next: trace the shape of your mouse pad onto the fabric
and cut and apply to the mouse pad

then: trace the shape of the mouse pad to the heat-n-bond vinyl and

iron (follow directions on heat-n-bond vinyl package)

viola! you're done and have a new, happy looking mouse pad


  1. HI. I just saw you are a follower on my blog and I always like to know who my new friends are. So, hello!
    2nd, I LOVE this idea. The fabric is awesome. I bought the same for my bedroom curtains. But I love the idea of using it on the mouse pad like this. So cute.
    I'll be back for more!

  2. hi greta, i saw your blogs listed on sweetlittlemagpie. i have enjoyed reading your posts on both blogs. thanks for visiting mine! christina