the clubhouse tour

i think i promised a clubhouse tour a very long time ago and never got around to it.  but, since i have been having some sleepless nights and early morning cookie cravings, i've been able to catch up a little.    

 our original clubhouse was built when we lived in our tiny apartment, so it was built tiny.  the kiddo's (basically just avery) never wanted to play in it because she said it was too small.  so, we added a few feet on to it and gave it a makeover.  here's what we came up with...

the clubhouse

the house was originally half this size, with one door and one window.  the right side of the house is the new addition.  two new windows and an extra door.

come on in and take a look at what we did to the inside.

the whole inside (and outside too) got a new coat of paint.  we used green chalkboard paint for the inside walls and a light blue paint for the trim.  for the play food storage i purchased these yellow buckets and the mister attached them to wall to keep the floor free from clutter.

this is the kitchen.

we hung pots and pans and attached this fold-able wooden stove ($1.50 at the thrift store) to the back wall.

avery drew a faucet and sink so she could clean-up after cooking.

this is their view and also the eating nook.

 every home needs a fireplace, so again avery drew one.  love that chalkboard paint.

finally to complete the tour and makeover the house needed carpet (per you know who - avery)
i was looking for an inexpensive rug, but couldn't find one within my budget,  so we decided to buy indoor/outdoor carpet by the foot from home depot and paint it with red and blue stripes.  i think it cost around $7.  to keep it from bunching up and from the kiddo's tripping on it we taped it down with yellow duct tape.  the paint and duct tape we already had, so not bad for 7 bucks, huh?

it's a fun place to play house, but garrett likes to use it as a hideout and

storage for all of his pistols and swords because i'm learning, that's how boys play.

and, when their play is all finished, it closes up nice and tight and awaits the next days adventure.  

i can't finish this post without thanking the mister for all of his hard work and putting up with all of the crazy projects i think up for him to do.  so, thank you my love for all that you do for our family. :)

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