baby fiesta - papel picado tutorial

to make a papel picado (tissue paper banner) is pretty basic and easy, which means you probably don't need a tutorial on how to do it, but what the heck i took the pictures, i'm here so, let's do this thing!

what you need:
tissue paper
paper cutter
twine or string

step 1

 take 3-4 full size sheets of tissue paper (it's easier to cut on the paper cutter with more paper)

step 2

fold the tissue in half.

step 3

turn the tissue so that the folded edge is at the top and cut to your desired width.  i think i made mine 8" wide.

step 4 and 5

fold the tissue accordion style and cut out the design of your choice.

step 6 and 7

unfold paper,

place string or twine in between the fold of each tissue and staple at the top on both ends.  repeat with remaining tissue paper until you have your desired length.  

viola! see it's that basic and that easy!

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