this is me... a little over a week ago

a little over a week ago i decided to have the mister take some impromptu pregnancy photos of me.  i haven't religiously been documenting this pregnancy like i did with my others.  with the other two i did weekly photos of myself as i got bigger and bigger.  that was fun and i loved doing it, but in reality this time around weekly pictures were always an after thought.  knowing that this is probably the last time i would be pregnant, i thought i would try to get a least one decent picture of me so this kid (and me ) for that matter would have proof that he truly does belong to this crazy family of ours.  here's how it went and a few of my favorites...

out of the 87 pictures the mister snapped i found these few that i like the best.  it was kind of hard to be serious because, (a) i don't like having my picture taken and (b) the mister kept being silly and saying things like "roar like a tiger" and what not.  he's so weird.  i'm telling you grady is (has) entered one crazy family. 

 i think this is my favorite.

i like this one because even though we are crazy we have lots of love to offer around here.

 and then we started to get silly.  this is my "what i will look like when i go into labor face".

then, the dog decided to get into the picture.

so, he decided if the dog can get in the picture, he can too.

 "i don't think so little mister.  get out of my preggo picture."

since everyone else was getting in the picture, the mister decided he needed a picture of himself in there too. 

next thing we knew avery wandered in and had an idea (doesn't she always) to take one of the mister and i together.  nice.

"let me try again." she said.

then, we she was finished taking pictures garrett had to give it a try too.  which was just too hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing.  nice tummy shot.

he kept pointing the camera to the left.  nice shot of the dog and half of my tummy this time.

so, we decided just to move into his space.

obviously, we couldn't stop laughing. 

it was fun times and i was able to get two decent pictures out of it and a whole lot of memories.  

p.s. grady arrived a few short days after these pictures.  he's here and healthy and i will post about him asap.

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