you're hired!

i think most of you know that my mister has his own business making surfboards and other surfing related items. recently, he has been busy making some fins for a local surf shop. he needed some covers for them which meant he needed someone who had a sewing machine and someone who knew how to sew. that's where i come in. i was hired to sew up 6 fin sleeves for 6 fins made by the mister. take a look...

freshly made redwood fin

working on the "sunny d"

sewing up the first sleeve

the final batch

and their new outfits.


  1. awesome...those are so cool!!!!!

  2. you can sew?
    i want to know how but am too lazy to learn!
    those look great. how fun. :)

  3. These are so cute. Should I use the word cute regarding surfboard fins? Did you use oil cloth?