ritzy treat

i have to admit it... i have a sweet tooth.
sweets really are my weakness.
i especially like to end my day with a sweet treat.
i know this is not a good practice, but it's what i like.
i saw this treat idea while buying crackers
for my little fella and thought it looked
easy enough, sounded pretty tasty and it has chocolate,
so how could you go wrong? well you can't!
all you need is a package of baked crackers, peanut butter,
a banana, chocolate syrup and a bag of trail mix.
it was so quick and easy to make and delicious too.
this has been my new night time treat
for-like- umm.......the last two weeks.
give it try, i am sure you'll love it!

if you're feeling really wild and crazy you
can substitute chocolate chips instead of trail mix
or if you want to add some color
how about some m&m's.
i mean if you think about it
the possibilities are endless...

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