hoppin down the bunny trail

lots of easter prep goin on over here.
it started with our visit to the easter bunny yesterday,
which was fun for the kiddo's.
well at least for the little miss
as you can see the little fella was not to happy.

he was ready to get off mr. easter bunny's lap
pretty much as soon as we put them there.
but, i got my pics and that's all i wanted.
then we came home and boiled some eggs
for the little misses school so they could dye them today.
they did and i have to say it was successful.
lots of bright colored eggs were displayed around the room.
next on our easter agenda is putting together
some goody bags for our friends and neighbors
and while we are doing that we will work in a
little bit of math skills by doing a m&m graphing game
that i saw over at makeandtakes.com.
finally we will boil some more eggs for ourselves and
use our artistic abilities to dye and make beautiful eggs
all in preparation for the big day itself.
sounds like we are gonna be busy
little bunnies for the next few days...

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