little leprechaun family

feeling a little crafty on st. patty's day?
why not craft a little leprechaun family.
i am always beating myself up because i don't feel like
i do enough crafts with the little miss,
but we were inspired when we saw one of these
little leprechauns in little missy's classroom.
we kinda just winged it. no directions,
but they're pretty self explanatory.
here's what you need:
empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel roll that you can cut down,
paint, paint brushes, colored foam sheets to make the hat,
scissors, glue or a glue gun, pipe cleaners,
pencil to curl the pipe cleaners for the hair,
buttons, ribbon or little things that can be used for
accessories on your leprechaun and a couple of hours.
here's the steps:
first paint your leprechauns,
second, cut out and glue a foam circle to cover
the top of the roll and make the top of the hat,
cut out the brim and apply to the roll
and cut a foam strip to glue around the
middle back to make the arms. next,
curl 1 or 2 pipe cleaners and
glue to the roll to make the hair. last but not least,
cut and glue 2 little pieces of pipe cleaners for the shoes.
our little leprechauns - from left to right, daddy, mommy, sister, and baby brother leprechaun

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