baby grady's nook and our room

this past weekend was full of projects (honestly, the past month or so has been full of projects), but the most  important one was making a space for baby grady.  we have been moving things around, switching the two kiddo's from having separate bedrooms to sharing a room,  putting together a playroom (i promise i will post that next. just have a few final touches to do),  moving our "office" space from our bedroom closet to the hall closet and you name it just to make this tiny space a happy place for baby grady.  we have decided that keeping grady in our room for the first year will be the best for all of us.  i like to have my babies close.  yes, i am one of those moms who has to check at least two to three times a night to make sure her baby is still breathing.  i can't help it, it's just the way i am.  thankfully we have a large master bedroom with two closets and we thought the smaller one that used to be our "office"  was the perfect space for our baby nook.   here's what we did...

grady's baby nook

 the closet doors were already removed from when we first moved in, so our first step was to paint something bright,  cheerful and happy.  i chose (what else) but yellow and white stripes, of course.  

this globe broke awhile back and i have been saving it for the perfect spot.  i think i found it right here above grady's crib.  (please note it is securely fastened and will not fall on him) i love the extra uuumpf (i know that is not a word, but you know what i mean) it gives to the space and i love all the colors.  especially the aqua against the yellow.  love it!

we decided to keep the closet shelves intact.  originally i wanted to remove them and just have an open wall.  the mister suggested we keep them for extra storage and what not.  (again, all of the items are secure and will not fall on our precious little boy)   all of the items displayed are all things grady can use as he gets older except these cool vintage blocks i found at a thrift store.  first they are made from plastic which i am pretty sure is not BPA free and second a few of them are cracked.  but, again i love the color they bring to the space.

all of the toys displayed were garrett's and now that all he is into is hotwheels, scooters, bikes and skateboards i can use them for grady.  as much as i wish they were vintage they are not, they are replicas. 

 avery made (stuffed and sewed) the little snoopy dog for grady.

she also wanted to give him that little brown teddy bear that used to be hers.

(baby bump above)
everything in this nook is reused.  the crib, the comforter and sheets, toys and stuffed animals all reused from the other two.  (except a few of the blankets on the top shelf are new and handmade from grandma carole)

even the changing station is from the other two kiddo's.  the only thing that has changed is the color on the changing pad holder.  again i am loving the aqua with the yellow.

this is how close we will be.  you just turn around and there we are.  just the way i like it.  


the love sign above our bed is made from yellow rick-rack and i just used hot glue to attach it to the wall.  do you see the lamp by the bedside?  it used to have a plain white shade that was stained and horrible, so i jazzed it up a little with some twine from the hardware store and hot glue.  this could probably be a post in and of itself, but who knows when i will get to blog again.  at the rate i have been going i am lucky to get here twice a month.  so i will just tell you real quick what i did.  it's the easiest thing to do ever....

get your supplies.  shade, hot glue gun, twine,  ribbon, rick-rack, or whatever you want to attach, and scissors.

hot glue the end of the twine to the inside of the shade.  dab a little more glue on the outside at the top to secure it to the front of the shade and start to wrap around the shade.  

i put a dab of glue each time i came around to my starting point and did that all the way to the bottom of the shade.  

 it's finished!  

it looks a hundred times better than before.  i love the texture it adds to the room too.  

so, baby grady we know we still have 11 more weeks for your arrival, but we are ready for you! almost.

and coming soon a tour of the new and improved club house.  

we all have been working so hard around here!

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  1. I have no words....just know I am totally in love with it!!!!!