confessions on the blog: sharing a room

why is this part of confessions on the blog, you ask? well, i have to confess that i had/have three rooms in my home that were/are an utter mess. we recently decided, kiddo's and all that they would go from separate bedrooms to sharing a bedroom. i'm really excited about it. this is not the first time they are sharing a room, so they are used to it. when we first move into our home about a year and half ago, we were so overwhelmed with all of the space we had (we went from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house) that we just naturally spread ourselves out into our own rooms. now that we have been here for awhile and have been able to settle in we have some better ideas for our a space. not to mention we have another little one joining the family in a bit, so we got to get it together. so, we moved the kids in together a month or two ago (here's the confession part) and i just finally got their room organized and put together this past weekend. there are a few finishing touches i want to do, but for now i'm just glad it's in order and not such a mess. take a look...

there's no theme to this room. it's just all stuff that we use, like or need and colors that make us feel happy.

come on in

this is the bookshelf that the mister made about 8 or so years ago. i still use it and i still love it, color and all. (ralph laurens -barn red).

the top three shelves are filled with some of the knick-knacks the little miss has collected on some of our thrift store adventures, the mister's old teddy bear from when he was a kid, piggy banks (though not one of them is a pig), and our complete collection of the beatrix potter stories. my kiddo's love them and we read one almost every night.

the bottom shelves are filled with board books and some favorites for the little fella to easily access.
which, you can see he likes to do.

along that same wall we hung the kiddo's guitars and garrett's hot wheel tracks. i think i want to hang some pictures that the mister and garrett took while they were playing hot wheels one day above the tracks, but it's on of the things i'm undecided on. (see below for some of the pics i'm considering).

the one and only new item we purchased for this room was the ikea bunk bed and painted it this aqua blue color. (i don't remember the actual paint color name. if you really must know leave a comment and i will hall my lazy booty out to the garage and find out for you). avery is the top bunk, of course. still need some finishing touches up there, but again just not sure what as of yet. same thing with garrett's bunk space on the bottom.

storage cubbies for a few of their toys and belongings, but most of their toys were moved into the play room, which is the next mess to clean up and organize. the mister made the chalkboard for me just on a whim when i found this frame we used at avery's birthday party in the garage. i thought it was a nice finishing touch for the space. i love that he's so handy and has random stuff on hand for when i come up with my ideas. plywood, chalkboard paint, old frame, done. i have a chalkboard.

that's their room for now. i am sure we will add somethings or change somethings in the future, but it's good for now. i just realized i didn't photograph their closet, which is where we have another low bookshelf that we use for their clothes. it's nice because they are able to get and put away there clothes themselves. it's really nothing special, but just in case you were wondering.

the mister's and garebear's hot wheel photos

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  1. I looovvveee it...and you have to use those pictures...they are Ah-mazing!