confessions on the blog - where have i been? and there's a baby on the way

yes, i know it has been a real long time since i've been to this little space of mine. i have to say that part of my absence was intentional, but part of it was just whats happens when life goes on. towards the end of last year i started to question my intentions with this blog. why was i here? what was or am i trying to get across on this little space? should it be something more than what it is? these were just some of the questions that were going through my mind. it got to a point where i started to feel like it was taking up way to much time and that every event of my life i was thinking of how i could blog about it. i also was spending way too much time checking out other blogs and feeling like my blog was inadequate. which, is probably why all of those questions kept coming into my head. so, i decided to take a break from it all. i thought i would be away for maybe a month at the most, but then i started feeling not so great, tired and just had a lack of energy. well, come to find out the reason for all of the above was, there's a little munchkin growing in my tummy that wasn't planned, but is certainly very welcomed. i did make it back here to blog about our new little addition which, you can read about here. i thought then that i would try to make it a point to get back to this space more regularly, but again those questions just kept popping into my head. why am i here? blah, blah, blah, blah. so, here we are three months later from my last post and i feel like i finally know why i am here. yeah, that's a good feeling, right?

when i first started this blog it was my intention to document the life of our family. our memories, the things we build together, make together and do together in our everyday life. and really that's all i want this blog to be. i have realized that i have missed the last few months of not blogging our memories, the things that make us who we are and the things we like to do. so, i am back, here to do what i started out to do. and i am excited! i don't know if i will be here everyday or even every week, but i will try to and the best thing is that i want to be.

so, since i have missed so much of our memories i have decided to start this little series on this little space of mine called, confessions on the blog. because i have to confess i have neglected this here, little space of mine and a lot of our precious memories.

as you already know there's a baby on the way into our home, due august 14 ish. we were totally not expecting it, but we are super excited about it. this will be our third, precious baby. we have our girl and we have our boy, so gender really wasn't an issue with this one. yah, right! i have to say that before we found out what we were having, i was totally hoping for another girl. everyone knows how fun it is to dress a girl, and then the whole thought of the having to go through the wiener thing (circumcision) with a boy just totally freaks me out, and in all honesty my girl is way easier than my little fella, and sisters are the best, right? so, i was voting for a girl all the way. not to mention the fact that when we found out our little fella was in fact a fella, i balled (i mean like sobbed) my eyes out in the ultra sound room like as if the technician had just told me our baby had three heads. i so did not what to have that experience again, so i thought about just not finding out. after all it's our third. we have everything we need for a girl. we have everything we need for a boy. why find out? were set. ummm....no the mister wasn't going for it. "we don't have a name for either one. like nothing is coming to our minds. we need to find out. i have to find out.", he said. so we did. we found out and here's how it went, the gender reveal...

i made cupcakes. i used betty crocker's fun-da-middles. the frosting is in the middle just like a hostess cupcake, so i was able to dye the frosting according to our gender color and keep it a secret until everyone bit into them.

as our guest arrived they took a guess at what they thought the gender would be.

hmmm.... will it be a girl? (please, please, please be a girl) that was avery's thought.

or a boy?

my girl decorated this table outside to add to the festivities

the final score before the reveal. boy - 4, girl - 3.

we said, "on your marks, get set, go!"

and the gender was revealed.

it took my mom a couple of bites to finally figure out,

she finally realized,it's another boy! someone wasn't to happy about it. can you tell?

this little fella on the left really didn't care either way. he just liked to lick the frosting.

so, there you have it. it's a boy and even though i too, was rooting for a girl, i truly can't wait to meet our precious baby boy, grady everett.

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  1. yeah...Grady Everett and Cruz Lee surfing buddies for life!