missing it

kauai that is and our carefree moments of vacationing.
here's what i miss...

feeding koi in the morning

fresh fruit

and produce

walking on the beach

watching a hawaiian rodeo

messy hair days

rides on the train

playing in the sand

finding baby gecko's on our lanai

tan feet, painted toes, and flip flops

sight seeing

playing together

wrestling in the grass

chasing roosters

even when they go under the picnic table


the swimming pool

being silly in front of weird art

it's weird right?

walking across a long swinging bridge
holding my girl's hand because i was afraid

the beautiful sunsets after a fun-filled day with my family

1 comment:

  1. I need to get your itinerary the next time we go to Kauai. You guys did such fun, off the beaten path activities. Where is that swinging bridge?