christmas door swag +pom-poms

ok, so i was at trader joe's the other day and they had a christmas door swag
that i thought was cute and festive. it was only $6.99 which i think its pretty
reasonable. i contemplated on whether or not i should buy it. after standing
there for a minute or two i decided that i could totally make one for free which
is a real reasonable prize for me these days. home depot always has a box of tree
trimmings for free and i knew i had a ton of christmas ribbon at home, so it was
settled i was going to make my own for free. that's exactly what i did. i went to
the home depot on my way home, picked up a few branches, got out my christmas
boxes and went to town. i also came across this pom-pom tutorial the other
night and thought they would be super cute on my christmas swag.
so check it out here's my swag...

i think i might add some jingle bells to it too
what ya think?

my pom-pom maker


  1. We are making our advent wreath today and now I know where to get our pine branches!
    Thanks for the idea.
    And those pom poms are too cute. I think I want to make those for the present tops this year. :)
    Love it!
    Love from,

  2. i know i love the pom poms. that's a good idea for present toppers - i might just do that too

  3. Thanks for the link to the pom-pom tutorial. Sometimes that little extra something you need for a project are pom-poms!
    Love the Swag...thumbs up on the bells.