final project finished

we've had a lot going on over here lately and i have neglected my blog,
but i am back and excited to share our final project with you.
the clubhouse is finished! it turned out fantastic.
the kiddo's love it and we can't keep them out of it.
i always say to myself after we finish a project, "why didn't we do this sooner?"
needless to say it's a hit for our kiddo's and the neighborhood kiddo's too.
here are some photo's from start to finish...

we passed the super-girls inspection

we have walls

and a roof

and it's finished!

i love the colors, it feels so beachy to me

it's a hit instantly

the little miss talking on her pinecone phone
i love her imagination

and the little fella lounging on the "bed"

thanks to the mister for all his hard work once again.
we love you mister and all you do for us!


  1. What a fun playhouse for your little ones!

  2. yes, they have been enjoying it

  3. All I can say is OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am soooo posting this on my blog. I am crazy jealous of this, and crazy happy for you too, of course. This is just the kind of play house we want in our back yard.
    After the house gets painted....
    Great job! it looks so good!
    Love from,