it's been a really long time since my last post. of course i have had things that i wanted to post about, but circumstances happen and things don't always go the way we plan. i'm learning to just take what i can get or do what i can do and let it go from there. this holiday season truly seemed like a holidaze for me. there was so much going on, so much to do and so much sickiness. thankfully we are all starting to feel well and things have slowed down and we're feeling some what settled in, so i feel like i can finally post a few pics from our "holidaze"...

it started with the nutcracker...

our little miss was a little lamb

and she was awesome!

the one christmas craft i completed

christmas cookie exchange for the little miss

getting into the spirit of things with our rudolph pops

our christmas move - we made it into our new home

our vacant home with one tiny decorated tree

christmas visitors and a christmas show

a little christmas shopping

the annual visit to the man in the red suit

the little fella was not happy about this
(i know what kinda mom would do this to their kiddo? this one !)

all's forgotten with a choo- choo ride

christmas morning - the little fella's gift from santa

stockings filled with stuff

umbrella's were given this christmas

i would say an appropriate gift for this season

one very tired girl who made it to the new year!

hope your holidays were filled with joy and i wish you all a very happy 2011!

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